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Preparing the Room
Your entire room will be wrapped in plastic, floor to ceiling, creating a containment vessel for the acoustic-popcorn as it is removed from the ceiling. All Light Fixtures, Plant Hooks, Smoke Detectors, Alarm Sensors and Ceiling Vents will need to be removed before work can begin.

The Process
Removal of the Acoustic-Popcorn Ceiling begins with applying water to your ceiling. This is done with an airless spray rig that sprays warm water evenly over the ceilings. When the water has soaked into the ceiling the process of scraping begins. This is done by hand atop a ladder, scaffold, or lift as necessary.

When the acoustic is substantially removed you will begin to see the results and beauty of this process. Often the ceiling has been slightly damaged in the process. Repairing the sheetrock, recoating the joints, and smoothing out uneven areas is the final step in the removal process.

Texture, Prime, and Paint
If you have textured walls it is often appropriate to match the ceiling texture to the wall texture. Common forms of texture are Knockdown and Orange Peel.

If you want a smooth ceiling your project will require skim-coating. This is the process of applying a thin layer of compound over the ceiling and then sanding it smooth. With your ceilings textured or skim-coated, all there is left to do is prime and paint!
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