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        Ceiling & Wall Repairs
Most ceiling and wall repairs can be done within a day and can be completed by most homeowners.

First lets talk about Drywall (also known as plasterboardwallboardgypsum board). Sheetrock is a panel made of gypsum pressed between two thick sheets of paper. It is used to make interior walls and ceilings. Drywall construction became prevalent as a speedier alternative to traditional lath and plaster. Most houses in Florida that were built after 1975 used drywall as their wall board.

Wall Repairs

Repairing a hole in your wall should be done right the first time. Depending on the size of the hole, there are a couple of ways of doing the repair. 

Always prep your work area
Always make sure to cover the flooring below the area to be repaired.
Remove any pictures or items that may be in your work area.
Cover any furniture that can't be moved.
Cut out any loose material that may be around the damaged area.

Small Hole
 A small wall repair is anything from a 1" x 1" hole up to 12" x 12".  This size drywall repair can be completed by using a pumpkin patch. A Pumpkin Patch is a great way to do the repair without having to use screws or tape.

1st step
 Measure the widest point of your hole on the wall. If the hole is lets say 8" x 6" , then cut on a 45 degree angle a piece of 1/2" drywall, larger than the rough size of your repair. So lets make it about 11" x 9". Make sure you cut all 4 sides the same way.

2nd step
 Now that you have a piece of drywall 11" x 9" with the edges cut on a 45 degree angle, place the new piece of drywall face- down on the wall over the damaged area. Once you have it about centered, using a pencil, mark a line tracing the edges of your new drywall piece.

3rd step
 Now cut along your traced line on the wall, angling your knife on a 45 degree angle. Do the same on all 4 sides.

4th step
 Almost done,,,,  Next you are going to apply your EZ Sand 20 joint compound to all 4 edges of your 11" x 9" cutout on the wall.

 You have a couple of options when it comes to joint compound.

1. USG Ready mix compound comes in a bucket or box, 5 gal and 2.5 gal. It's the easiest way to go, but it also takes the longest to dry, sometimes up to a day or two. Because of the slow drying process, it has a tendency to crack and sag.

2. USG EZ Sand 20 is the best choice, it's also a joint compound. It comes as a powder in a bag and it sets up in about 20-30 minutes. It's easy to finish and you can apply another finish coat within a half hour.
For small jobs like this, mixing can be done in a small paint bucket or cup. Add a little water, add a little powder, mix with a paint stick until it has the consistency of cream cheese.

Now that you have applied joint compound to all 4 edges of your cutout on the wall, place your new piece of drywall into your damaged area. The new piece of drywall should set into the wall slightly. 
Take the rest of your mix of joint compound and skim over your patch, holding your 12" taping knife firm against the wall.

Final step
 It will take about 20 minutes for the EZ Sand 20 to set. Once that happens you can draw your 12" knife over the repair, removing any scraps or blemishes.
Mix one more small batch of EZ Sand 20 and apply one more coat over the damaged area. 

You are now ready to do a quick sanding and finish with primer and paint to match.

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